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Beyond Your Past Counseling & Psychotherapy


Virtual Trauma Therapy in Texas


Hey, I'm Jamie

I'm a licensed counselor who focuses on helping individuals grieve and overcome past traumas while learning skills to more effectively manage relationships, stressors, negative thinking, and trauma triggers. Feeling stuck from negative life experiences or being burdened by anxiety or depression does not have to be your forever. I help individuals make peace with their past and move forward with purpose.


100% Virtual Therapy for Texans

Let's be real - You're busy, traffic is the worst, and sometimes being on your couch is just better.


I offer individual therapy to adults via telehealth though a HIPPA compliant, secure portal. No messy paperwork, no fighting traffic, or worrying about a babysitter. Your time is valuable. I work strictly provide virtual sessions to help make therapy more convenient and attainable. I am able to see anyone who currently resides in Texas.

Areas of Focus

Growing Up with a Dismissive or Invalidating Caregiver

Did you grow up with an invalidating,  dismissive or abusive caregiver?Childhood trauma can be relentless and draining if not addressed.​See how Jamie has helped other adults recover from their past.

Trauma & Negative Life Events

Trauma comes in many forms and many people do not categorize their negative experiences as "trauma." However, if you're here you know something just isn't right. ​See how Jamie can help. 

Depression & Anxiety​

Whether you are experiencing your first bout of anxiety or depression, or you've been struggling for years - You can learn new skills to manage negative thinking patterns, regulate your nervous system, and build healthier habits to overcome anxiety and/or depression.

Start your Journey Forward Today

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