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Let's be real - You're busy, traffic is the worst, and the kicker:


All of my services are done via telehealth though a HIPPA compliant, secure portal. No messy paperwork, no fighting traffic, or worrying about a babysitter. Your time is valuable. I work strictly through virtual sessions to help make therapy more convenient and attainable. I am able to see anyone who currently resides in Texas.

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EMDR is a type of psychotherapy that is an evidenced-based treatment in resolving symptoms of trauma. Ranging from negative life experiences, to chronic neglect/abuse, to recent traumatic events, it has been shown to be extremely effective.


CBT is an effective and highly recognized modality of treatment often used for those who need assistance with challenging negative thinking patterns or are experiencing depression or anxiety. I also often use this in conjunction with EMDR or trauma treatment.

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